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"ADI" Tools CE approved

Hydraulically Powered Pruning Tools

The "ADI" line of hydraulically powered hand tools offers a full range of loppers, chain saws and disc saws, for agriculture and line clearing industries. Years of know-how and field experience are behind the "ADI" tools. They have a patented unique hydraulic system, and are backed by fine engineering, manufacturing, testing, spare parts and technical support. "ADI" tools combined with our AFRON line of pruning platforms help users around the world to improve job efficiency, save time and money.

"ADI" pruning hand tools characteristics:

 Light weight

 Large cutting capacity and high productivity

 Durable and long reach

 Easy to install and service

 Comfortable to operate - no vibration, quiet



ACS Chain saw


AM mini Lopper


ACH Chain saw

ADP Hydraulic power unit