Netherlands Machine Centre LTD.

Two hydraulic hoses, 360 degrees continuous swivel.

Hydraulic powered hand held, tools in most cases require two hydraulic hoses on open or closed hydraulic systems.

Since the tool is hand held maximum hydraulic hose flexibility is essential for ease of operation and tool manoeuvrability to eliminate operator fatigue.


The two hydraulic hose swivel avoids hydraulic hoses twisting and allows tool to be twisted freely in any direction continuously, even under maximum hydraulic pressure, makes tool manoeuvrability easy, more productive with less fatigue.

Easy installation on any existing system or on new installation.


 Maximum flow 20 lit/min (5 G.P.M).

 Maximum pressure:

 "P" ports 133 bar (2000 P.S.I.)
"T" ports 33 bar (500 P.S.I.)
Please see our Hydraulic Power Unit

 Maximum temp. 60 degrees C

 Flow by pass from "P"-"T" under max pressure and max temp about 10%.

 Oil - hydraulic oil 25 micron filtration.

 Ports 3/8 hydraulic hose connection threads 9/16 JIC 37 degrees.

 Swivel made of high tensile cast steel, Viton seals for long lasting trouble-free operation.

 Total weight 0.33 Kg.